Thursday, June 10, 2010


whoops, the time has passed me again. i hadn't realized that it had been since may since i had last posted.
well, here's the newest update: i'm sticking to the rules. (isn't that WEIRD?!) i've been running a ton lately, trying to run a few miles everyday. i feel lost without it almost. which is great. i was sick the last few days... still have a stuffy nose and head, so running wasn't an option dealing with the flu. but this morning, i got back out there and ran 3.5. felt... amazing. well actually, i didn't get 4 because i was struggling with a side cramp, but it felt amazing to be running again and to run further than my normal 2 miles. oh - and this puts me in the 40's for mileage for my "22 by 22" goals.
my weight, you might ask. (i don't know if anyone actually cares, but i feel like it's a big deal and the only way i can really measure my progress.) 139. blissfully. it feels amazing to be under 140. i don't think i remember the last time i was. i'm working hard, i'm not being harmful to myself, and i'm earning my reward. it's wonderful.
just last week i said to my mom, "do you know what these things are?" (pointing to my sides) for the first time... maybe EVER, i have a curve in my side. my middle is not a straight line from my shoulders to my hips, there's a curve. it's amazing. they're great. and i've earned them. :)
today, i happen to be wearing dress that shows off those nearly earned and arrived curves... for a special celebration - shane's arrival! :) he gets back into detroit in just 2 hours... and man, am i anxious.
summer has been good so far. other than the fact that shane's been in china for 22 days. i've been working almost everyday for a few hours, sleeping in, running, wathcing csi & friends, and spending too much time on facebook. next week i'm off to montana for a leadership conference. i'm excited to spend some time in the mountains (my favorite, if you didn't know). also excited to meet new people - the trip is for next year's team captains for spring arbor. i don't really know anyone well, so i'm excited to see what's in store.
when i get back, i'll continue working at target, start teaching tennis with my high school coach, and spending way too much money on gas driving to jackson to see shaner. (he's working full-time at school this summer.)
that's all for now. leave me encouragement, question, statement, concern, comment, anything really. thanks for reading.