Tuesday, November 30, 2010

you thought i was gone.

so i was gone. for almost two months. i must say - i didn't try hard. i love this body, i love this lifestyle, but i had lost much inspiration to try hard to maintain or perfect it.

i've been caught back into my drive to really pursue this thing... this getting slimmer & beefier for me & for God thing.

step one: starting janurary 1st (oh, that dreaded january 1st) no sweets. none. zip, zilch. awful.
(but come on now people - i have a wedding.)
okay, maybe 1 sweet per week. much more do-able. and like-able. maybe i should start this sooner. how about december 1st?
step two: my journal. i've already been taking this step all novemeber long. i had another sort of february-type fast this month and took time away from facebook and sweets. (the sweets didn't last long)... but my journals, which capture my time with God and keep me accountable and focused, have become so sweet to me. i love to read back upon what's written, seeing God speak to me time and time again about His love, His grace, and what He's calling me to do act upon right now.
step three: with the move to chicago in january things are really going to change. my roommates will no longer be my roommates, but rather strangers who i suddenly share 500 (or less) square feet with. i won't have those tight bonds with my sisters in Christ, no more constant accountability, or someone i can share my heart with - good or bad. therefore, it's up to me to seek out a great church, a great friend that will keep me accountable. 100%.
step four: in chicago, i have to keep my energy up to workout and work at my health. i am not going to want to get up and run in the cold. i'm not going to want to come home and run in the cold. i'm not going to want to go out in the cold. period.
(anyone want to pay for my gym membership, $40/month for 4 months? i would truly, 100% appreciate it.)

and so, you probably guessed it, i will continue to blog into the new year: 2011... as many things in my life change: move to chicago, student teaching, MARRIAGE, new house, new life, new job... it is looking to be a crazy, beautiful year in the life of alyssa kaye. hope you'll join me. :)