Friday, April 2, 2010

final countdown.

today's april 2nd. 2 days past my final weigh-in. i forgot on the 31st, but yesterday i took the step, onto the scale, to find out what has become of me these last 3 months. before i stepped on though, i thought to myself - even if this number isn't exactly what i dreamed of, i love my body and my new lifestyle. yes, as a woman, i will always want to be smaller, slimmer, toner. but i know, whether or not i have just come to this realization through my latest obsession with fitness and health, that i was created beautiful, exactly how God wanted.

and so, here it is - my goal on january 1st was to lose 13 pounds: from 153 to 140. i aimed at 1 pound per week, but the reality was that i lost 10 pounds - ending at 143, which is the lowest i've weighed since i went from girls' clothing to juniors'. (by the way - i'm pretty sure i shot straight from a size 3 jean to 8 in one day a couple years back.) speaking of which - i am now a size 6, and love it.

so my lifestyle change has altered my exercise habits, eating habits, and the attitude i have about myself and hard-work. i know that living healthy isn't always the easiest choice, nor the cheapest, but i do like the sacrifices of time and money that i make to be bettering myself for the future.

and so... here's the rest of 2010's goal. i've worked hard thus far, in the last 3 months, and am ready to continue. i now have about 38 weeks left of the year, and my new goal is to lose 10-13 more pounds and end the year at 130. i know this is a LOT of weight to lose in a year, when i was not near obese to start off, but i also know that weighing 130 won't be a selfish goal, nor unhealthy. i will be fit.

i will continue to post about my changes (spiritual and physical) and i hope that you will join me in my continuation. thanks for all the support and encouragement. please keep it up!

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  1. just caught up on your blog... congrats on losing 10 pounds! that's so awesome!! also i like the list of things to do b4 your next birthday... what a great idea.

    i love reading about the physical and spiritual changes... keep it up! =)