Friday, March 26, 2010


like i said, i am celebrating my grocery shopping experience! :] i'm so pleased and happy to have groceries again (finally). tonight, after babysitting, shane and i went to kroger to do some only-people-in-the-store-shopping, which was completely productive and i left with a LOT of healthy choices. ooh, how it feels so good. i forgot what it was like to have full, healthy, filling cupboards.

gosh - i sound like a mom, who has no life. nope - just 20 year-old me. :] so here's the list of the wonderful goods (at least the best of the best): eggs, milk, bread, yogurt, salad, green pepper, cucumber, pears, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, lunch meat, cheese, sour cream, kettle chips & dip, rice chips, organic fruit sticks, protein bars, rice cakes, pancake mix (a must for my roommates and myself), juices, and much more. it was a very successful, happy night. haha, i'm a freak.

in other news - here's some randomness for you: two thoughts/ponders in the last 24 hours that i thought i would share. #1 - reading in deuteronomy last night and there's a passage about tithing, the first direct how-to tithe directions that i've read this year. here's the thing - it's all about eating your tithes in God's presences. i know these are food sacrifices, but even if you brought animals for sacrifice, you were supposed to sell them to get money to buy food to eat in the temple. i mean - i get muffins each sunday when i'm home, but maybe i should be getting 10% of what i make in muffins to really be tithing. what are your thoughts on this? i'm just throwing this out there, i know it can't be right. #2 - sitting on the toilet this morning, i realized how cool God is. i know - great place to think. but seriously - i was taking a little poo and thinking about how cool it is that our bodies are made in such a way that we need food to sustain life. not only that, but God has designed us for our bodies to just function, no questions asked, no thought given. i know i'm 20 years old and this is an easy concept for everyone. i'm not just discovering this, but i just like to think about the simply, crazy complex things God has done that we have taken for granted. here's what i'm saying - just next time you go number two, think to yourself, 'didn't my body just do that all by itself? naturally?' God is working in EVERY moment. sorry to bring in such an offensive one for my example. i just love Him.


  1. Tithing is no longer "valid" for the New Testament believer. We are to continue to support the work of the Church and those who minister to us (and missionaries), but the 10% is not a RULE, but rather a place to start. I wrote a paper about this in Bible school... I'll post it on Google docs and send you the link via a comment for anybody who'd like to read it (if I can find it!). Love you!

  2. i love the poo part :P

    and yes. since taking anatomy and learning the complexity of our bodies, i can't help but wonder how people deny God. sometimes you just need good toilet time to think about these things!

  3. To your thought #2..

    This is exactly what I was referring to at Thanksgiving, when we went around the table to say "what we are THANKFUL for," and if you remember....EVERYONE laughed me out of the room....IT IS AMAZING how GOD in HIS infinite wisdom made our bodies to do EXACTLY what they need to at the SPECIFIC moment. GREAT thought...even if you were sitting on the john. LUVU