Wednesday, July 28, 2010

july is almost a goner.

you have been waiting, and here it is. my (only) july post.

i can't believe that i haven't updated since the day shaner got back from china. i really can't believe he's only been back for a month. it has been a GREAT month. i work around 20 hours a week at target in battle creek, teach tennis 3-4 days a week for 3-6 hours each day, and spend my extra time traveling, with my parents, and with shane. i LOVE summer.

tennis has been really good - i've learned SO much about coaching and teaching tennis and i genuinely think that i could not only coach a tennis team (which i did last spring), but teach lessons, and run a summer clinic. this could be some GREAT side income (and joy, since i love the sport.) i'm ready for season to start up, but nervous because this fall is the last time i will be playing competitively until i'm rich enough to join a women's league sometime in my future.

in june, shane came home and we spent time together as much as we could before he had to start his job (on campus at springarbor). i headed right off the montana for a week and it was incredible. i learned so much about how to lead my team this fall and was challenged in every way. i got completely excited about tennis this fall and the difference that i believe i can make on the team. i'm excited to see how God is going to use me in that way.

i also met the most wonderful people on that trip. it is such a weird dynamic to travel with 30 people who are all very athletic and social - something that most people don't experience. it really set in when we were playing kickball (on the side of a BEAUTIFUL mountiain) and i realized - how often is it that this many people are together playing a competitive, yet relaxed, game and everyone is truly enjoying themselves. too often that many people cause for too many personalities and someone isn't having a good time, isn't with the group, or wishes they were doing something else. those other athletes and i have a special relationship after that week that i can't explain, but am truly excited to see this fall back on campus.

after montana i was back to work for a few weeks, then i went to pennsylvania with my whole family to a house in the poconos. it was wonderful to get away for week and reconnect with my family (especially my brother and sister, Brent and Keyla, since i don't get to see them nearly enough). i felt lucky and blessed to have my family to myself for a whole week and just enjoy each other's company. :) we went shopping, golfing, puttputting, to the amusement park, whitewater rafting (floating really), played cards, and much more. it was amazing and i can't wait to do it again.

on the way back (sort of) i met up with the allens (my new family) on their way to new york city. i completely surprised shane with my sneaky arrival to provide him with the best week ever. :) we went to two broadway shoes: up in the heights and promises, promises. both were wonderful. we went shopping... a LOT. (my credit card statement proves that to be true.) and we just enjoyed the city and each other. (PS - i REALLY like my families. and simply spending time with them.) shane and i went on an adventure one day and found a donut shop and ice cream truck that we had read about in sky magazine. (you know - the magazine on the seat back in airplanes?) that was an adventure and we stumbled upon a cute little spot in nyc called union square with the best used-book store ever. i must return. you all must.

since then, i've been back to work and teaching tennis. i started a little more wedding planning and i am getting really excited about it the more the ideas and conversations flow. (which is a definite change from my recent dread.)

i've been reading a little (but am going to really try to do it more) - half way through harry potter #3 right now. and i want to finish the series by our wedding day. (315ish days :).)

i've been running, kind of a lot. my mileage: 87. by the end of july (in 3 days) i want to get to the 100 mark, then i'll be posting a challenge for my readers on august 1st. (remind me on facebook if you don't see it up.) get excited.

i think that's all for now. i really have been slacking on reading my Bible (which is awful because i was doing so well before shane got back and have been doing so horribly since.) please be on me about that. (especially if you see me on facebook - a quick reminder will be welcomed. :).)

thanks so much for reading. and loving me. and supporting me. 2010 is a GREAT year so far. it's flying, but it's wonderful. i'm healthier and so so happy.

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  1. :] i both of us being home.
    and not having to rely on your blog to know whats going on with you.
    but i still like reading it anyways.

    you are fit.
    you are a babe.
    we are going to plan you the best wedding ever.