Monday, August 2, 2010

i missed the 1st.

i missed my "august 1st" post yesterday, so here it is.

first of all - my challenge to you (my readers, followers, or guests). my current mileage is... 94 (i think. i don't have the piece of paper right in front of me because i'm not at home, but it is VERY close to that number, if it is not exact.) i challenge you all out there, to beat me in my next 100 miles. who can beat me to 200?

to give you an idea of how fast i will get there - i have been working on my first 100 miles since april 15th. i missed many days, but still managed to get to where i'm at in 3 1/2 months. i am behind schedule to reach 500 in a year however, so i plan to pick up my pace (as i have since my june post, you may have noticed.) also, i do run more miles that i used to, averaging over 2 per day. BUT - do not be discouraged.

here's why. #1: i am about to enter my pre-season/season very soon. 3 weeks to be exact. let's just supposed that i'm not going to want to play tennis for 6-8 hours a day and then go run too much. #2: your rules are a little different. you can run AND/OR walk. now you don't have an excuse. who can turn down a competitive challenge to walk more miles than i run? it's a win/win situation. you'll be getting exercise, probably shedding pounds/inches, AND you'll probably beat me to it.

so, who's in? comment on here (or on the post via facebook) and let me know if you are up to the challenge. at least give it a shot, please. i need some friendly competition to push me on. if you take me on, i will keep in weekly (if not daily) contact with you to let you know how i'm progressing as well to keep you accountable and know how you are doing. please leave me a way to easily and frequently contact you. let's get the race on. :)

in OTHER news... nahh, i think i'll save the rest for another post. coming soon. (NOT in a month... at least i hope.)

EDIT: you probably want more incentive, right? i forgot to mention the prize. if you beat me in the next 100 miles, i will buy you a $15 gift card for the store or restaurant of your choice. (i would prefer to buy you a target gift card, because it would be boosting sales, but i'll leave that to you.) :)


  1. First - you should probably have proof-read this post before you hit "post". Just saying.

    Second - you're on. I'm going to try to average 10 miles a week, so let's see how this goes.

  2. i only found one error. "run" - "walk".
    how do you want me to contact you?

  3. ok girls how do you know how far you run ( as if i would ever) walk?

    Man Ashley talk about Grammar queen have you not read any of my blog / post / comments? Just saying, :P

  4. : you can make a run/walk route and measure the distance. i actually use livestrong's "my plate" (google it).

  5. Alyssa, I think I have Miss. Hannah talked into it.. Hope you don't mind friendly competition of a 8 yr old. :).... she is doing good so far.

  6. yesterday counts. i love the young enthusiasm. :)

    sidenote: the winner is the FIRST person to get to the next 100, not everyone who beats me.

  7. sweet i will double check but she has like 14 in in two days.. :) yea that is my girl. and yesterday i did this walk/run thing cause im not that big of a runner and she ran more than me and came back and walked with me.... ;)

    yea i got that so are you going to keep everyone posted like who is in firt and what not with what? how are you doing? are you reading your bible or at least spending time with him... something you could do is see about getting the bible on cd and listen as you drive to work... ( or are you a got to have it in my hands to read it? )

  8. 14 miles? are you kidding me? i might as well quit now.
    yesterday i didn't run because i was so sore from the day before (4 hours of tennis and a HARD 2 mile run) and i worked all day. i'm at 2 miles right now. :/ but i still have the evening ahead of me.

    i haven't read it yet, but it's on my to-do list. and i realize that it should be the top of it, so maybe i'll move it to #1. thanks for the reminder! :)

  9. Alyssa, Please don't give up remember you are RUNNING we are WALKING... and we WALK everywhere.. :) and to be really honest.. I would like to do a girls on the run thing but I CAN"T run so i was hoping that 1. this would help me to start at least a little (joke) run... (story will tell ya later) and 2. shed some pounds oh my word i'm like almost 170 that is like 30 from the 200 mark.. OUCH.. ( just be careful of that.. I will try and blog of my worry s of me "watching what i eat" )

    your welcome for the reminder... I know its hard.. Chat at you later. Sara.

  10. ok we walked down to the hospital dont have chart but i think its like just over 2 there and back.... and then we just did kcc 2.18 miles in 19:26 min.. ??? and i started this new thing i think you can even see what we did on :)

  11. just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work. and i'm failing at the being healthy thing and at the Bible-reading thing. i think i gained about 5 pounds back of what i lost b4.

    it sounds like there is way too much competition already for me to do the walk/run with you! but now that my knee is getting better, i am going to try to exercise by playing sports more... found a group to play vball w/ once a week, and also should be able to play bball weekly with either church group or at cedarville or the barn. i tried giving up pop again in an attempt to lose weight and that lasted one week.

    remind me about the Bible-reading if you think of it (through facebook or whatever).

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