Thursday, February 3, 2011

february fever.

we have had snow days the past two days and they were absolutely amazing. :]

yesterday my roommates and i woke up late (wonderful) and worked out together for a good hour. we did a billy banks' bootcamp video (it was awful) and then an ab workout, and some toning moves. and today - i hurt so badly. as if i have never worked out in my life. ouch. ouch. ouch.

this morning the first thing i did (before i could think better of it) was workout. i did my favorite video from for 20 minutes, was way too sore and then stopped. and all day all i have been doing is complaining of my sore body. but i am so happy that before i had the possibility to complain, i worked out - so that means i'm 2 for 2 in 2 days. (not in february, but come on - this is progress.)

last week my roommates and i found a livingsocial deal (one of those buy a deal for 50-80% off sites) for a workout place close to us. we bought 5 classes for $15. i'm excited to get started on this when i have some afternoons free & to go as roommates. we have the option to choose from: kettle ball classes, zumba, yoga, pilates, or cardio/muscle tones. i will be doing as much as i can. :]

also - eating healthy is going well. i'm not eating any sweets this month at all, so i know that will make a huge difference in my results (especially if i can continue to work out consistently.) i decided that february is time to get moving on the "wedding diet/workout" business.
as of today - 4 months until the wedding. :]

that's the update for now. i'm still pushing to get fit. physically & spiritually.


  1. So would sending you animal crackers from Aldi compromise your goals??? :)

  2. not one bit. they have the word "crackers" in the name. they are NOT cookies. :] can i look forward to their arrival? :]