Sunday, January 30, 2011

things have changed.

these past few weeks have been a huge change. and 3 in 30 suffered for that. so did my goals for 2010/2011.

we ate out a LOT week 1. there was not much chance for real, healthy food. however, i did work out tuesday and wednesday. so at least something happened in the right direction.

this week i am in my new apartment, so i finally have some stability. our apartment isn't close tot he workout facility that was offered to the chicago semester students, so i didn't end up getting a membership. i've been looking on livingsocial and groupon to find some type of classes to go to thought.

i was eating pretty well at the beginning of the week, but all i wanted to do this weekend (and all i seemed to do this weekend) was eat out. again. guilty. and as always - i just LOVE my deserts. that being said, i think it is almost time to really step it up.

this week i ran monday and yesterday (saturday) around the neighborhood (which is actually just a city, not so much neighborhood.) i plan to run a lot more. one of my roommates is also a runner, so we help keep each other accountable...maybe.

february is a new month, a month of possibilities. i plan to be successful. (don't we all though?)
i think i will be participating in the love fast least a portion of it. i want to draw to God and just seek Him as satisfaction and to sustain me. He will. i know He will.

this post has been all over the place, for which i'm sorry. if you want to know more about what's going on in my life, check out my chicago blog. but i will try to keep up with this one as well, especially as i get back into my good habits.

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  1. Success is not found in perfection but in growing from our failures. Keep pressing on!!