Tuesday, December 28, 2010

get ready. get set.

the new year is just 4 days away. and that's when i'm back on 100%.
i've been pretty good lately about my rules... not exactly following them, but more like considering before acting upon them.

overview for the year 2010, as i head into another year of slim down & beef up:
by reflecting on my pre-2010-post, here's what's changed, been accomplished, and yet to come.

in january, and into february, i had a consistent workout schedule. because of my schedule availability and the demand of tennis practices. in the summer i was diligent and hardworking, reaching a 5-mile run day, in pursuit of a 10k that never did happen. this fall i was good, tennis was a huge asset, and then it was fleeting, but still under control.

if we're talking numbers, i did amazingly. at the beginning of 2010, i weighed around 155, and today ... even after a bit of slacking ... i'm at a very happy 135. 20 pounds in a year wasn't easy, and sometimes it wasn't fun. but it was SO worth it. and i love everything about it.

spiritually - i didn't succeed in reading through the OT. i got through... i don't even remember anymore now, somewhere around judges, and through psalm and then quit. this fall i took 2 months to focus on 1 corinthians 13 and proverbs 31 and that was really good for me. it made me seriously consider each verse, each quality that expected of me and my inadequate attempt to be that person. it made me strive after those qualities and look for opportunities to grow and learn. really, really good for me. my journals from those 2 months are so refreshing.

i didn't really read the Bible that often with Shaner either. this will obviously be easier when we are married (in 5 months!!!!)... but still something we need to be disciplined about together. and as for cross-centered literature, i don't think i read 12. maybe not even 2. i read crazy love, which was SO good, and then...??... and then this fall i started a few books for a class, and continued reading one "soul survivor" for enjoyment, but have yet to finish it. i plan to continue this pursuit.

overall - it was an incredible year of growth. i am so happy to have kept track in some capacity of how everything evolved, and look forward to continuing it next year.

my goals for 2011:
i want to keep working on my "22 by 22" list.
i want to workout. a lot. (obviously i have a wedding coming, DUH.)
- running 5 times a week, pushing more for 7. (or any capacity of 30+ mins of cardio)
- strength training in my arms, abs, back, chest.
- yoga & stretching.
i want to eat right.
- one dessert per week.
- balanced fruit, veggies, etc.
- one day of vegetarian lifestyle per week.
(i'll talk about this on another post if i remember... if you care.)
- pop rarely.
i want to love God more.
i want to love other more.
i want to be a better me.

do you have goals for this new year? share them & i'd love to keep you accountable.
would you join me this year in making a slimmer, beefier you? let me know. small steps make a HUGE difference. try a little step and see how it helps. let me know about it.
thanks for reading, i always love the encouragement, accountability, and challenges.
God bless.
happy new year! :]

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  1. You should join the 3 in 30 Challenge. It's a great way to stay accountable and be encouraged to see your goals realized!