Monday, May 24, 2010

the progress.

remember this list?

22 things I want to do by the time I'm 22:
1. read the Bible in its entirety
2. run 500 miles in one year
3. go horseback riding
4. save $2500 for my future
5. become a 4.5 tennis player
6. collect all spare change for missions
7. cut down my closet/clothes
8. go to a Ben Folds concert
9. read 20 new books
10. find a new favorite band
11. go to a Frontier Ruckus concert (or 5)
12. grow my hair to the middle of my back
13. touch ground in 10 states
14. feel confident in a swimsuit

here's the rest:

15. collect pieces from garage sales/flea markets and transform them for my future home
16. continue taking piano lessons and perform for church
17. memorize a book of the Bible (longer than one chapter)
18. memorize that same book of the Bible in Spanish
19. ride a new rollercoaster with my hands up for every moment
20. teach JJ (my niece) how to play tennis
21. teach JJ how to speak 20 meaningful sentences/phrases in Spanish
22. plan my perfect wedding

the progress thus far:
1. i'm in 2nd samuel & done with psalm
2. i'm done with 23 miles, and quickly reclaiming my mileage. (so far behind)
3. i thought about it - does that count?
4. slowly, but surely it's gaining. i'll let you know when i hit $1000. (should be soon this summer.)
5. i'm teaching tennis this summer, looking for opportunities to play, and might join a women's league
6. i had forgotten about this one, which is weird since i did it last year.
7. a HUGE basket is waiting and ready to go to goodwill. :] (probably time to go shopping now, right?!)
8. i don't know when i will see Ben next.
9. 1 book down: The Borrowers
10. i'm working on this: i downloaded 50 or so new artists last weekend. the weepies aren't really new to me, but i do newly love them. i don't think this counts.
11. i recently gave up a chance to go see fruckus, but soon. but soon.
12. it's PAST my shoulders. and the more i don't do it, the longer it seems the next time.
13. still have only touched michigan. soon to change: montana & pennsylvania trips.
14. i'm getting more confident, still lack that complete security though.
15. i've found a dresser on craig's list for $20 that with a little touch-up paint turned into a BEAUT and i found a completely ugly gold mirror at a garage sale for $5 (that came with some sconces i haven't touched yet) and i painted it red - it's gorgeous now.
16. dukes (my aunt) is giving me lessons this summer and i will continue them in the fall. and danielle has agreed to play a duet with me in church.
17. i haven't started thinking, but i will soon.
18. same.
19. going to two parks in the next week. perfect opportunity.
20. spending some time with her this week, we'll make progress.
21. same.
22. dress: check. photographer: check. bridesmaids' dresses: almost. flowers: started.

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  1. #17 - Philippians is a GREAT one to memorize - I did it during my second summer of Barakel.