Monday, March 15, 2010

the breakdown of the past 2 weeks and next 2 weeks.

two weeks later. i know, i know - i'm guilty. and sorry. and to make it worse - it hasn't been a good/productive past two weeks either.

bible reading is still going amazingly. i'm just finishing up numbers in the next few days and in the 80's of psalms. i am truly loving the reading as well. (minus the repetitive sacrifice descriptions.) this week (maybe today) i'm going to start reading "come thirsty" with is my march book for my one-christian-book-per-month-goal. i'm excited to open that up and find a deeper thirst for God.

eating habits last week were bad. i was fine with the portions and everything - but sweets were on overload. i didn't even stop myself. when i saw something delicious - i ate it. good thing is - only gained a pound, so i know where to start again. i'm not losing it completely. this week is extremely busy for traveling and activities, so i'm not sure how well i will do with dieting or exercising. plus i'm fighting a cold, which today feels better, so i'm trying to wait until that one leaves before i go out running again.

speaking of running though - i did run outside twice last week, which i haven't done since february almost. i love it. i miss it. i'm looking forward to building my mileage back up again. please keep me accountable on this, especially as i am completely isolated and independent this summer at home.

my goal for the next few weeks (my weigh-in deadline for 140 pounds is in 16 days!!!) is to limit carbs to what i need only for practice and matches/working out. no sweets starting TODAY (that'll be interesting to see). and really push myself to workout, especially this week that i'm all over the place and away from a gym. i'm not going to reveal my weight today because i'm so close to my weigh-in day, but keep encouraging me for this last stretch to 140.

thanks so much for reading and leaving encouragement/comments. just to let you know - i have fallen in love with my lifestyle these last 3 months, so i'm not going to be done in the slightest at the end of march. therefore, i'll still keep blogging into my continuation, as long as you all still read. :] let me know if my posting is not desired.

and last of all, and best of all: last friday, my handsome, incredible, perfect boyfriend asked me to marry him - so i'm ENGAGED to be married to shane patrick allen. and i'm as happy as i can be. so excited. so anxious. and incredibly blessed. :]


  1. Keep posting - it's semi-motivating (as motivating as anything can be for me, currently) and I like to know how to pray for you!

  2. Dear engaged friend,
    1. i'm glad i could have a very small part in the engagement :]
    2. i like your blog. it makes me feel more connected to you when we havent talked in 2 weeks.
    3. i have to teach 'weight management' in my health class this week - i should teach you. even though you already know, but for me to practice, you to be reminded, and encouraged that what you're doing is spot on :]
    4. i love you.

    <>< forever your Biz