Thursday, March 25, 2010

down hill?

although i started to work out & lift again this week after spring break, i feel like i'm headed downhill. i can't seem to stay motivated on the eating front: i let myself get some desserts here and there, and seemingly everywhere. now, i know that eating desserts is not bad for me, but i need to get more strict. i need to re-motivate myself. back to page one.

i'm not going to make the weigh-in, although i am completely happy with my results. i'm still going to wait to reveal all of that until march 31. that's the day. i hope you're anticipating it, because i truly am: 6 days until it's here. whoops, now 5 - just turned midnight.

i'm also out of healthy groceries, since i've been putting off grocery shopping until april. i think i'm going to head out this weekend so i can keep myself sane. no milk, no yogurt, no vegetables, no fruits, hardly any bread, no eggs. oh man, i'm making myself crazy. having no healthy replacement snacks makes resisting temptation that much harder. i need to restock.

the Bible reading is still going most excellent - i'm in deuteronomy right now and i love reading the promises that God has made to/for us: His faithfulness, His protection, His provision. He is good! Amen?

lifting has been really good lately - i feel my muscles again. they definitely liked the break and got too much of it so that now they forget how to lift without soreness. feels good to get back into the gym and really push myself in that aspect. i need to probably spend more time out running, but tennis, class, and work has got me pretty well busy and stressed lately.

i guess that's all for tonight. i'll probably go grocery shopping this weekend and then need to celebrate (aka a blog post) and then soon enough you'll hear the real benefits and results of this 3 month test i took. can i just say it? i'm proud of myself. i'm proud of the lifestyle change i've made, the commitment and progress i've done. it's cool. and i'm happy. i'm proud. that's all.

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