Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 is looking good.

i'm 4 days into 2011 (and so are you)... here's the update.

my one sweet for this week: new year's day doughnuts. definitely worth it.
i'm actually having 2 sweets this week, because tomorrow is shane & i's 3 year, so he asked if i could break my rule for some coldstone ice cream. and yes, i can definitely do that. :]

i've been continuing studying proverbs 31 - almost done with it. then i'm going to dive hard into hebrews 1 as i try to memorize it and really learn it. i'm excited about that!

exercise-wise, this keeping off of the computer until my goals are accomplished for the day really works for me. :] good idea, self. (not the magazine. self as in alyssa kaye eubank)
saturday i ran 2 miles in rainy pittsburgh.
sunday i ran a mile to kelsey's work and walked home with her.
monday (yesterday) i did a exercise tv workout video from on demand. so glad to have that option again.
today i ran 2 miles on my normal path. it was a bit chilly, a bit windy, but good. good to get accomplished. right after i got out of the shower, it started snowing...hard...and hasn't stopped. i had good timing this morning.

eating is going well. i really don't have many healthy snacks right now, so i'm looking forward to grocery shopping soon (hint mom.) we have way too many cookies that look way too good sitting around waiting for me to devour. i won't do it. i will stay strong. i'm headed to spring arbor tomorrow, so i can have a warm workout on the eliptical/stepper machine. and read some self (the magazine this time) - maybe i'll even get my lovely roommates (which they aren't anymore and it kills me) to come along.

then a little splurge on coldstone because it's a special day, and i deserve it.
here's to a GREAT start to a GREAT year.
what about you? any goals set yet? need that accountability? i'd love to hear from you!

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