Friday, January 7, 2011

3 in 30 [week 1]

a week is already over?

oh man, i really got to get on hebrews for sure.

avoiding taco bell is hard, but only when i actually leave the house and when i drive by it. if i don't pass by it, i don't know it exists. okay, so that's a lie. but no problem yet. :]

my exercising has been great. here's what i've been up to...
saturday: 2 mile run in rainy pittsburgh
sunday: 1 mile run in pittsburgh & a 1 mile walk back with kelsey
monday: 30 minute cardio video from ondemand via exercise tv
tuesday: 2 mile run
wednesday: 30 minute cardio video : bootcamp calorie burn (great, hard video which is free right now on
thursday: 4 mile stationary bike (NOT easy)
friday/today: haven't done it yet...

i hope you're all doing great on your 3 in 30 goals. i'm excited to set next months goals after reading some of yours! :]


  1. My cardio has bit the dust and in a big way. I only ran one day (Jan 1) and I've only worked out (crunches and pushups) one other time this week. I'm definitely revamping that goal to "exercising three times a week."

    Keep up the great work!

  2. ugh. Rain. Is it cold there? Man Alyssa, you are way more hardcore than we are. We totally wimped out on running cause it was cold, rainy, and windy this week. Congrats on avoiding taco bell and doing wonderful on exercising! Thanks for the challenge! :) And Ashley, at least you ran once!

  3. You are doing great!! especially with the exercising! That is one area I need to pick up the pace in. Thanks for stopping by!