Tuesday, May 18, 2010

breakfast with my Maker.

so i just read some of my posts from january and re-encouraged myself. this brought about 2 goals for myself to activate right now: 1) record my diet/foot eaten to remind myself that snacks & desserts do matter and that i do know how to eat healthily 2) read my Bible during the day. i've been putting it off until i go to bed, which is perfectly fine, i'm still incredibly consistent (for me at least) and loving reading, but i have just now remembered the greatness of eating lunch or breakfast with God. in john 21:12, Jesus says "come and eat breakfast." that's what i'm going to do RIGHT now, eat breakfast with my Maker. (then go for a run.)

1 comment:

  1. your goals encourage me to keep up with my goals :] keep up the good work love!! you will be so fit and healthy physically [and spiritually] and thats awesome!