Monday, May 17, 2010

so all of that was a big, fat lie.

i haven't re-started the rules. uggg. i hate my unmotivation. i want to be crazy fitness like i was in january. i'm starting to try again at least. yesterday and today i ran. that was nice.

i bought a yoga ball today, although it is for women that are taller than 6'3". whoops. i'll return it this afternoon and get a new one. terri (my future-mother-in-law) is going to show me all the tricks to do on it. she might also hand me down some extra weights so that i don't have to splurge on the weight set i want. the one i want is from target, it's $70 when it's not on sale, and it hasn't been on sale since just after christmas. but if i collect enough pairs of weights from other people, then i can just buy the sizes i'm missing. (although i would LOVE to have that set from target because it's soooo nice.)

after today, TODAY, i'm back on the rules. well starting right now really. i ate cheesecake a few hours ago, but it was good enough to call my last dessert for a while.

shane leaves on wednesday for china for 3 weeks, and while he's gone it's my goal to get back to 140. i'm around 146 right now, because i lost all my muscle weight and have been eating whatever the heck i want. so that's my goal, 3 weeks about being serious.

any encouragement? anyone in?

mileage: 13. (a LOT behind for my 500 goal)
bible point: starting 2 samuel & done with psalm


  1. so I'm definitely in with you. I need some help. And the good news is, we're going to be in the same town this summer...hanging out :)

  2. You can do it!!! I would say I'd join you in exercising but . . . its too stinkin hot in Thailand to exercise. I'll be a cheerleader from afar!