Saturday, May 22, 2010

doing well.

sunday, monday, tuesday, yesterday (friday), and today (saturday) i ran. success.
thursday, yesterday, & today i ate healthy. success.

this new motivation (whatever it was) sure worked for me.
last night i went running just over 2 miles. came back, took a shower, then did an ab workout that got me sweaty again. :]

this morning i went running 2.5 miles, joined up with dukes (my aunt) and went walking for 2 miles. little did i know we were speed walking and she wanted to "try" running too. let's just say that little hour-long workout kicked my butt... in a great way.

favorite healthy snack lately: plain flavored rice cake (35 calories) with all-natural peanut butter (90 calories) with a little cinnamon&sugar (too few calories to count) on top or last night, i tried 1/4 of a banana (30 calories). delicious, nutritious, and some protein to go: 155 calories. yes please. :]

today's menu:
breakfast: go-lean crunch with yogurt, banana
lunch: chicken salad, corn on the cob, strawberry jello
dinner: who knows, maybe taco bell? i deserve it i think.

let me know how you're doing, little steps make a HUGE difference.
i'll have a big challenge for you all coming up next month sometime. remind me if i forget.

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