Friday, January 29, 2010

it's going to get a lot beefier.

we've been talking about being leaner and slimmer for a while now, but let's discuss the beefing up aspect. in two ways:

number one: i have arm muscles for the first time... in my life. i know - i'm lame. i have legs that could lift a car and NO upper body strength, that is - until now. my little baby muscles beef up out of my arms like little mountains... or just hills, and not the steep sledding-type hills.

number two: spiritually beefing up is about to get a lot more serious. bridgett and pat's church does a february fast. i've never fasted before, so this'll be interesting. here's the plan:

all month: no sweets, no tv, no internet, no computer, no books, no music. EXCEPT: the Bible and Jesus music.
(obviously i'll be on my computer for homework and reading my textbooks - but other than homework this'll be all out Jesus month.)
week one: follow the rules above.
week two: all rules and add no meat.
week three: all rules and add no solid foot.
week four: all rules and only water.

i'm sure that i'll do weeks 1-3 rule for rule, but week four - i'm going to attempt for 2 days and see how i do and then go back to week three's rules.

this means no blogging during february. don't worry, i'll be journaling like a mad woman, so i'll have a lot to say when i get back. i'm excite for this month and look forward to some incredible growth through it.


  1. I don't think the "only water" part will be healthy... you need calories to survive. You should at least be drinking EnsurePlus or something during those last two weeks.

  2. i agree... this new plan scares me. from personal experience, i know i can't fast for long periods of times b/c i get headaches... i don't know about you but if you have never fasted before, you may want to try it in small bits first. like skip one meal a day, rather than just go two weeks with no food. even one or two full days without food is a lot when you haven't fasted before. not that i'm against fasting, i think it's very Biblical, however just be careful.

    i applaud the no internet for a month... i don't think i could do that. i will miss your blog! good luck!

  3. i'll miss you this month :[

    please use the phone. because it will be our only means of communication.

    i am so proud of all your accomplishments so far. and love you a lot :]

  4. Make sure that this is a GOD directed fast. Not just because Bridget and Pat's church are doing it. You need to make sure is what GOD is telling YOU to do.