Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3.5 down, 5 less.

yesterday was the day - when i let it slip through my fingers.
i ... didn't work out. i ... ate some crap.
but i'm moving on, and i'm making it right. i'm going to keep going.

good news: i'm down to the 147-149 pounds area.
3.5 weeks in and i've lost about 5 pounds.
and i feel SO much healthier.
i love the way i feel, not so sure about the way i look.
soon though - my body outside will be transformed as well.

sorry this is so short, but i just wanted to update you quickly.
the emotional high from this excitement is starting to wear off.
i wake up and DON'T want to run. (mostly because it's freezing outside)
but once i work out, i feel incredible.
and so - i will press on. i will keep going.

tomorrow morning - 8am workout with my roommates. :]

1 comment:

  1. congrats on the pounds lost!! is there anywhere that you can run inside, like an indoor track or something? maybe you would feel better about going running if it wasn't so cold !