Tuesday, January 5, 2010

day 5 - which is 1% completion of the 365 days in 2010.

this morning i needed a friend, some accountability and encouragement. i am so grateful to danielle for being here this morning. i tried to convince her we didn't need to work out since i had ran on sunday and that's not in my plan. she tried to reason with me, and after much debate we decided to just get going: running and ondemand workout.

we went 1.5 mile down to the nearby elementary school and back. i had forgotten that school was back in session, so as we rounded about the school, kindergartners were out to recess. they responded to us as if they had never seen a dog in their lives. once girl kept yelling "DOG, DOG, HEY LOOK - THERE'S A DOG, DOG!" she chased the three of us (biz, the said dog, and myself) almost off the school property. what a cook.

when we returned back from our run we started the cardio workout video on ondemand. it was really challenging - especially after a 15 minute run. 30 minute video and a 15 minute run got a well-earned 45 minutes of cardio in today. then we did some partner stretching to work on flexibility.

i'm really looking forward to biking or doing the elliptical when i get back to school in the workout room. although - the new tvs in the workout room at school are set to news channels with corresponding radio stations to tune your dial into to listen. since i don't have a walkman (which i think it has been at least 10 years since i carried around) and the ipod touch doesn't offer a fm radio dial application, those are no good. i hate reading the subtitles. hopefully i can find some more books on tape so that my workouts are still enjoyable.

we ate some delicious lunch - egg sandwich and salad. felt so good to eat well after a good workout. tonight shane and i are going out for our 2 year to olive garden, but i still have 1,000 calories to "spend" on my meal tonight - so alfredo is possible. praise the Lord. :]

after danielle left, shane and i sat down to read genesis 9-10 and psalm 5. although there were a ton of names that i had never heard of before (all the descendants of noah), i tried to give them value and pronounce them best i could rather then just skipping over. i figure that i shouldn't belittle any part of the Bible as i read it - God obviously has purpose for each word, so i'm trying to respect even the seemingly boring or easy to look over parts.

this afternoon i'm going to start reading becoming a woman of prayer, a 50-page or so book that was a mother's day present leftover from church a few years ago. this past week i cleaned out quite a few books from my collection and donated some of the christian books to church's library and the others to willard library (our local public), but i had come across this book and decided to add it to my list for the year. yesterday i also picked up mere christianity by c.s. lewis at the library, which i look forward to getting into.

tomorrow's my first day officially on the workout plan (minus the hour of tennis until practice starts back up). i will finally have access to weights in the workout room and i can use the elliptical or bike to replace my hour of tennis with a 30 minute segment. i'm eager for my roommate beth to get back on campus (she doesn't come back until the end of january) because she will be helpful accountability and workout partner, but until then it's really up to me to prove to myself how serious i am about this and how badly i want it. i'd love the encouragement and help - please offer if you have any.

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  1. so awesome that you are trying to get fit inside and out! great new year's resolutions! i love reading yours b/c mine are similar... the following is long but feel free to read at some point when you need to hear that someone else is doing the same thing!

    i am reading the OT too... actually i think i clicked on the one for the whole Bible... that's okay tho, it will be exciting if i can read the whole Bible in a year! (i kind of failed at reading it in 3 months with Brent :)) the readings are not really that long and i like that they are sent to my email so i don't have to flip to 3 different passages every day. plus, i can delete the email after i've read it, so if i don't do a day's reading i know which ones i need to catch up on still. (my goal is to read all of them. that way i don't have to beat myself up if i miss a day, as long as it gets read!)

    i also made a resolution to lose some weight... my dad and i are having a contest to see who can lose 15 pounds first.

    this is my dieting plan (altho i try not to call it a "diet" cause the word "diet" sounds scary to me! i call it "eating healthier" instead :)), feel free to steal any of my ideas or add more of your own! i'm not exactly an expert yet as i've only been doing it a few days!

    i cut out pop too (i had to do this gradually, but i started around christmas so the cravings are finally almost all abated) and have tried to limit the sweets. i do let myself have a few sips of pop from someone else's glass, that way it satisfies the taste if i have a craving, but i am not tempted to drink a whole glass.

    and i'm not gonna go crazy and say i can't have any chocolate... but instead of a bunch of cookies i've found a few m&m's amidst a trail mix satisfies that chocolate craving!

    i'm not counting calories cause that sounds like way too much work. and i can't just deny myself food b/c if i don't eat i get headaches. so instead i am trying to eat large portions of healthy foods like fruits and salads (and drink a lot of water) to help me not feel as hungry. substituting fruit for chips or french fries when i eat out i think helps a lot. and if i eat enough fruit and other healthy stuff during the meal (non-carb stuff - bread is my downfall!), a lot of times i'm not even hungry for dessert!

    i allow myself to have a small snack whenever i feel hungry... i've heard it's better to eat like 5 or 6 times a day and that way you can eat smaller portions each time (which is good, 'cause i need lots of help eating small at meals - i'm always hungry!) the snacking part is not too hard as long as i remember to buy healthy snacks (the problem comes when i don't have healthy snacks around so i eat chips or chocolate instead!) string cheese, crackers, peanuts, grapes, bananas, boston creme yogurt, are some of my favorites! OH and i always try to keep at least one healthy snack in the car. that way i don't have to go to mcd's for a cheeseburger every time i'm driving and hungry!!