Sunday, January 3, 2010

so day 3 is already upon me.

well, i knew i would eventually falter and fail - so why not start early and get that out of the way?

new years day and the following were busy days of traveling and excitement (no reason not to spend time with God, but a fairly good one not to exercise my brains out). just a few moments ago i caught up with my old testament reading: genesis 1-6 and psalm 1-3. it was... refreshing. the last few days as i've thought about my guilt of not spending my devoted time, i had realized that months have passed since i've sat down with my Bible for more than a few minutes at a time. i feel relieved and refocused, remembering why i decided to make this year different.

yesterday i practically read all of francis chan's crazy love, and it was incredible. so challenging, so rough, so great. i am moved. well, actually - right now i am at a stand still, because i'm not sure how God is calling me to move from reading that book. so many big ideas and key concepts that i know to be true, but am not daily acting upon is hard to consume. from reading the book yesterday, i've been able to open up my prayer life a lot more on a momentary basis - like i used to be when i was counseling at barakel. i'm seeing God speak directly to me - through the book, through the message today, through His goodness, grace, and calling upon my life. i'm ready to run - just not sure where to go.

speaking about running, that's what i'm about to do. it's a mere 21 degrees out, but sunny enough that i can't turn down the opportunity when i know i should be out there.

the dieting is going alright so far - new years day was a few hundred more calories that i wanted, but i was consciously making an effort to consider what i was eating. yesterday i started the day well, but as shane's mom says - the rule for driving across the country is that all dieting rules are out; it's too hard to find healthy choices and who wants to when they're crammed in a car all day. at first i hesitated at this approach, but when i felt the urge to snack 5 hours in, i decided that i should just live it up while i can. today has proven to be much better - about 850 calories so far, feeling good.

alright - here's the part i don't want to talk about, the facts. about a month and a half ago, i weighed 145, and today i'm at 153. i'm not proud - i'd like to blame it on christmas, but it's more about my laziness (and preparation for this diet as i knew i was giving up a lot). so my goal is 140 by the end of march. here's to that. and here's to my freeeeezing cold run that i'm heading out for.


  1. You inspire me... I need to go get on the elliptical... too bad David's sleeping in there, giving me a perfect excuse NOT too. I'm gonna shoot for 155 by the end of March & a slimmer belly... let's do this!

  2. i'll encourage you - you encourage me. =)