Tuesday, January 19, 2010

weekend bliss.

this past weekend was so great. i've already talked about my visit with karen & ashley/jason's family. sunday my family and i went to bethel college area to visit mina/scott's famly, donna & michelle, and danielle. (and serena - in case she wants to be mentioned as well.) well - let's just say so much time "on the road" or even at my parents home helps me to slip out of my health food junkie-ness. sunday we have 5 guys & fries, which was delicious and would have been okay by itself. then on the way home we stopped for ice cream and i asked and received the "babiest" ice cream cone they could make... still decently okay (although a 3rd dessert for the week). then for dinner we had popcorn (still doing alright). but then shane and i got restless at home, so we headed out. (on a sunday night - what is there to do?)

we went out to kohl's, which closed within the half hour, and then were at a loss of what to do. so we decided to go for 1/2-off appetizers at applebee's. they were delicious, but not needed; especially on top of all the other junk i ate. oh how my stomach hurt... and even more in the morning, which leads me to my next point.

working out yesterday - well, i felt sick all morning, but decided that i need to do something. i turned on ondemand exercise tv and did a leg workout (hard as can be) and kendall's ab video (my favorite). something is better than nothing, i suppose.

this morning i woke up late - whoops. so i didn't head to the gym, but couldn't write off not exercising at all, so i used my handy ondemand again and did kendall's kick-butt cardio (my own name). it's real intense -- the same one that danielle and i have done (for my long-term readers. haha right.) i'll probably do some lunges and an ab workout after class, just to get in a 45 minute total workout today.

as for my diet, although i was quite relax this weekend, as of this morning - i'm back on my rigid schedule/rules. breakfast: yogurt & go lean crunch & lunch: delicious quesadilla. ohh how i love eating healthy. and after my 24-hour stomach ache, i'm keeping it this way. my body has spoken - there's no more day-long chow sessions allowed.

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