Thursday, January 21, 2010

bridgett size.

someday i hope to accomplish my blog title. or maybe a little bigger.

brent got on me today abut blogging, so since i've finished tomorrow's homework early, i thought i would write before i go to bed real soon.

yesterday morning (wednesday) i had a quiz to study for, so i went to the workout room and studied my notecards while stair-stepping/elliptical-ing. the machine didn't know what it was and neither did i. then i lifted and it felt good to lift after a few days off. for my birthday i'm going to ask for some weights so that i can workout on the weekends and when a weightroom isn't as accessible.

this morning i woke up early and went for a 2 mile run or so. i hated it at first, but finished anyway. then i came back to the room and ate breakfast while reading my bible. after breakfast i went to the gym to play tennis for an hour with becca and suz.

hitting was so good today - i've missed tennis (even though i played a week ago) and really can't wait to get back to the top of my game and just go after matches with everything. i have a new outlook for this season/the next. i'm going to go into each match abandoned for all that can happen, playing my hardest every point because i have nothing to lose. i'm a senior - i want to say that i worked my hardest, played my best, and gave my all. so hopefully i can remember that as i go into all the matches and practice. i want to hit everyday with all that i am, reckless of an injury or whatever else may keep me back. i want to play with my heart.

about a week ago i missed reading my Bible on a few days, but got caught up within the next few days. another first probably - 3 weeks of reading my Bible everyday, and LOVING it. i love reading these stories out of genesis that i have never read on my own and lately, just spending my breakfast in God's presence - starting my day out right.

and i am happy. so happy. my life is blessed.

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