Saturday, January 16, 2010

two weeks tomorrow.

tomorrow will mark two weeks of my new 2010 life. i feel about 100% healthier and more in shape. i'm not losing the number of pounds i want to be, but maybe the muscle i'm building is just evening it out? my arms are much more defined in just these few days and my running has become easier - so i'm going to need to push myself that much harder in the next few weeks.

thursday morning i did 35 minutes on the step-machine and then played tennis with becca for the first time in 2 or 3 months. that made me discover some new muscles. :] we're going to start playing everyday during the week though - so i'm excited about that. (plus an hour of extra cardio during the week!)

friday morning i was at my friend karen's house, so her and i did a cardio/dance workout video on ondemand (with kendall's annoying girls as back-up). it was hilarious and decent, probably wouldn't do it alone though. then we did kendall's abs video and i went harder than ever and felt like i was so close to pulling an ab. ouch - they have continued to experience that same pain/soreness since.

today i'm at my sister and brother-in-law's house, so to encourage and challenge my sister, her and i went running around the neighborhood. we ran just over 2 miles, and although a slow few miles - i felt incredible the whole time. makes me want to start training for that half marathon like i was going to. maybe i will - let's get through march first.

this is by far the longest i've gone on an independent workout schedule. so hopefully i keep it up and won't let down. i like my results so far and it has only been 13 days. i'm getting a little more relaxed on my dieting - so i need to tighten that back up and shoot for my march deadline. just keeping snacking to a minimum and looking for more natural options rather than popcorn (which i've been overloading on lately) and craving those sweets (more that i should).

tomorrow's sunday - so i'll probably take the day off unless i wake up early and go running. keep up your resolutions! let me know how you're doing. thanks for reading.

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  1. i almost called you today... except i didn't have your number... because i was SO ready to just throw in the towel and and completely quit my diet. i'm not sure even you would have been able to talk me out of it. this was my reasoning: "i miss mountain dew. i miss chocolate. i am very sad. isn't it better to be happy and fat that skinny and miserable?!!" i wanted to eat something and ANYTHING chocolate. i was ready to give up and eat all the chocolate i could get my hands on, regardless of the consequences!! but then i looked in my refrigerator... and saw that i had anticipated my chocolate cravings, and bought chocolate/banana pudding with only 60 calories. (i totally forgot i bought that stuff... sometimes i am my own best friend =)) so i had one of those and 50 calories of a chocolate snack bar and the craving subsided and my diet was SAVED!