Tuesday, January 12, 2010

late night update.

it's 1am and i really don't want to be posting, but here i am - real quickly.

we went to workout again and i stair-stepped myself to another half hour segment. let me tell you - that machine is not easy (especially if you don't want it to be). i kill those calories like their mine to burn. jenna did the elliptical during - what a killer. what a pal. then we tried to jump-rope outside, but about 10 seconds into it, her rope completely snapped in half and some of it went flying. hilarious, but no good for the jump-roping.

later this evening i went back to the gym for some more cardio. i tried my hand at swimming, since i've never been good at it. i swam/treaded water for 20 minutes straight which was great. i would swim a lap (which kills me - don't laugh at me all you swimmers out there) then sit at the deep end, treading, for about 3-4 minutes and then another lap, then more treading. after 20 minutes, it's quite a workout. afterward my ankles were really sore since it was a different position for them to be pointed and have the water resistance against them, which is good because i need to get them strong for season. hopefully a little less injury this season.

well, off to read my Bible and then into bed. it's a late night thanks to a paper analyzing music and then a sad attempt to study for a quiz tomorrow. that will have to wait until the morning.

another semi-new year's resolution i've been working on for a little while is my sleeping habits. i want to try hard to go to bed before midnight, really 10:30 or 11 sounds ideal, so that i can get up in the morning at a reasonable time with strength and energy. once the real semester comes around i have 9am classes and i want to workout before that, so that means getting up at 7am or so each morning. no more 1am-ers or even later (God forbid) for me. good night. i'm outta here.

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