Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i'm a rule breaker.

i did it. i broke one of my rules. i'm not talking about eating 2,000 + 1 calorie. i mean the i'm-allowing-myself-to-break-a-rule-twice-a-month-style. tonight at work i ate a lot (i mean a LOT) of chocolate covered raisins. i tried not to. i opted out to get some other type of reward from my boss, but since i couldn't find the other reward, i settled for my weakness - those delicious little guys.

i tried to share with my co-workers so that i wouldn't devour the bag in just a few minutes. i probably ate about half of it by myself though (6 servings in a bag of 39 raisins). and now - well, i feel good because they were really delicious, but i also feel sick because i hadn't put that kind of garbage-y food into my body in about 2 weeks. the desserts that i have had so far have been less "fake". this was a low blow.

well there you have it - failure is my lifestyle. because i'm human. and that makes me so thankful for salvation and grace. not just in dieting, but life. i'll get over that mistake. next time - i'll save my dessert for the chocolate cake or a bowl of ice cream. :]

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  1. don't beat yourself up. think of it this way: chocolate covered raisins are healthier than just plain chocolate. that's actually a relatively good way to satisfy your chocolate craving, it is probably much better for you than chocolate cake or ice cream.

    if you start thinking you have "failed" then it becomes easy to make excuses and just give up altogether("well i already had a chocolate raisin and ruined my diet, so i might as well eat the whole bag... i already failed and ate the whole bag, so next time i might as well eat as much chocolate as i want, because i'm a failure anyway...) etc !

    i think the important thing is to eat chocolate/sweets in moderation. i'm not even attempting to cut out chocolate completely (because knowing myself like i do, i would "fail" the first day and give up altogether! i can just see myself going without a chocolate cookie for dessert during a meal, and then eating like 4 late that night ;)). so this is what i am trying (it's worked so far, but you never know :)). i try to eat small amounts of choc mixed in with something else. for example i eat 100 calorie granola bars and they have mini chocolate chips in them... enough to get the taste but not the fat

    also i have found if i am not hungry it helps too... i try to fill up on healthier foods first and then allow myself just a taste of chocolate to satisfy the craving

    another suggestion: the other day i had "chocolate mousse" yogurt and it was actually really good. i wouldn't recommend it on a regular basis since i'm sure it's not as healthy as other yogurts, but when compared to ice cream and other chocolate filled desserts, it is a good option.

    good luck... you have been doing a great job with the whole diet/exercise thing, keep up the good work and don't get discouraged!!!