Monday, January 4, 2010

she could lose a few too.

well who knew that my dog loves a good run? yesterday i decided to take her out with me and see how she did - she needs to lose a few pounds as well (if she doesn't mind me saying). she did great - also a good excuse to walk a minute in the middle of the run. again today i took her out, and i think she loves it. our runs definitely wear her out and give her something to do during the day. i'll miss running with her back at school.

another great addition to my runs is to run with a book on CD. this past weekend i had checked out one of jodi piccoult's book (vanishing acts) for the long ride to boston and ended up only starting the book. but since i had copied a few of the disks onto my ipod to start, i continued listening to the book yesterday and today as i ran. it is brilliant - and i strongly recommend it for anyone who thinks "how much longer?... am i half way?... i could just walk, no one would know" type of thoughts while running (i'm obviously guilty of this). my mind is so consumed in the story that i don't realize how long i've been running and i'm anxious to keep listening.

today's diet was good - i ate what i liked and how much of it i liked, and stayed within a reasonable 2000-ish calories. snacking was definitely a threat today because i was stuck at home most of the afternoon. this makes me look forward to being busy during the day, making my cravings limited or ignored. also, since i'm only a few days in - the dessert temptation was high tonight. after a few weeks, i will have built up enough stamina against those pesky temptations to say 'no' much easier, but tonight was not the case at all.

the advantage about being around the house was having opportunity to look for calorie-burning activities in everyday life. because shane and i put away christmas decorations and did our 4 loads of laundry, i was able to go up and down the stairs at the least 15 times. i felt strong every time. i've been trying to be conscious of doing an abdominal workout at least once during the day when i'm sitting in front of that ever so tempting and addictive television. have any ideas for other watching tv/movie workouts? feel free to share.

yesterday i heard from my sister that she's in for the journey - trying to beat the march slim down date. help encourage her by leaving her reminders to spend time exercising on her blog.

tonight i read genesis 7-8 and psalm 4 with danielle and shane. (whoo - another goal covered this week: reading with my incredible boyfriend.) speaking of biz (danielle), she would like to have a celebrity guest appearance on tonight's post, so here goes:

Hello friends.
1. I am very proud and impressed with Alyssa's commitment and progress on her New Year's resolutions... even if it has been 4 days.
2. She has helped me to keep mine... not drink pop.
3. She is also motivating me to run tomorrow. I love running, but I hate winter more -- so that means I'm going to hate running tomorrow.
4. We are doing a cardio workout on the OnDemand work out channel. We are doing a cardio boot camp with my favorite, Kendall. He's very motivating.
5. I love Biz (Alyssa).
6. I go back to school Wednesday.
7. My other New Years Resolution is to read my b-i-b-l-e for 10 minutes when i wake up in the morning. Do-able? I hope so.
8. Happy New Year :]
9. My other joke/serious if it comes true New Year's resolution is get a hot boyfriend. That loves Jesus of course.
10. Theers! :]

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  1. The book on CD idea is a great one! I would rather read than run a lot of the time, so if I could "read" while runnning, that's a bonus! I usually try to time my workout time to be when I know there's something "good" on TV so I can get lost in the show while I "run" on the elliptical... if I can listen to a book while I workout, then that's one less excuse for me! :)