Tuesday, January 12, 2010

and i let it slide.

so since friday i guess? friday night i went to bed reading the bible and saturday i woke up and read. that felt great. since then i've been slacking until i go to bed to read. i have to start getting on that in the mornings. (which i enjoy so much more, but still have to remember for some reason.)

in recent news: the dieting is going GREAT. tracking my calorie intake is a lot better than guessing or guestimating (as my jr. high teachers would say). i've been around 1,400 - 1,800 calories everyday and still feel great. it also helps me stay aware of my sugars & sodium levels - which i seem to go over everyday, but i'm working on.

saturday's workout: half hour on the stairstepper. i did some major work that day. burned 400 calories and sweat off a few cups of goodness. shaner went with me and ran during - and since neither of us brought our ipods, we watched the strongest man competition on espn without sound in the weight room. gotta love those shows.

sunday the weight room is closed, so no workout. i don't mind. 6 out of 7 days is incredible for me.

monday (yesterday) i woke up and ran a little over 2 miles outside (it was beautifully snowing, yet really cold) for just over 20 minutes. then i went to the weight room and lifted for half an hour. after lunch, i came back to the apartment and jenna and i studied for our quiz in class. while she quizzed me i ran/jumped around in place for 10 more minutes of cardio. i'm going to count that day as a major success.

today i had to babysit in the morning, so i haven't worked out yet. as soon as jenna is done with her homework - we're out the door to get some major cardio in. :]

how is everyone else's progress?

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  1. So far, I'm at one workout a week... which is better than I was doing, but still not where I want to be. The whole sicky thing last week really killed the whole working out thing. Hopefully now that I'm better I'll be able to do better!